resell your alter ego

Want to give a new house to an alter ego?

If you want to resell your alter ego you can now use this new Marketplace opportunity.

Filling the here below form we will add your Alter Ego in the official shop so all collectors could see it and Alter Ego will have a new chance to travel worldwide.

Alessandro will personally check the sculpture (renovating the Box and the certificate if missing) before sending it to the new House granting the authenticity of each artwork.

Looking for a specific alter ego?


Please fill the form with all the data and we will take care about your request.

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* Market level is now 500€

In case of selling AlePianoArt will keep the 19% fee of the selling price.
When sold the Seller will have to ship sculpture to AlePianoArt that will check it refreshing documents before shipping to the Buyer.

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